CRM+ (Customer Relationship Management+)

Manage your future and current customers with this comprehensive business data management module

Marketing Channel Effectiveness

Every enquiry in the system contributes to analytics with ROI tracking so you can make informed marketing investments

Enquiry Tracking

Leave no potential clients behind, systematically track all referrals and enquiries with status updates and reminders


Organise sales data to regularly review team performance and track sales and revenue targets

Automated Invoicing and Payment Record

Automated GST-compliant invoicing (with SKU) for one-time, installment, and periodic billing

CRM+ (Customer Relationship Management+)

Productivity Tracking

No more under-budgeted project proposal or missed project deadlines with Taskboard and Timesheets

Productivity Tracking

Company Taskboard

Central activity Taskboard to assign and review all ongoing and outstanding project activities with custom privacy settings

Todo List

Individual Todo lists help keep track of private and public tasks whether it is hitting the gym, or following up with a client

Staff Timesheets

Timesheet submission and approvals help track project budgets to inform proposal writing and track individual performance

Assets and Accounting

Log purchases and manage expenses for all company assets, overheads and project cashflows

Asset Roster

Maintain a roster of all company assets along with bills, warranty cards, AMC documents, etc.

Shared Assets

Easy check-in/check-out for shared assets encourages greater accountability and responsible use of company resources

Expense Reports

Easily manage and categorise all company expenses, including individual employee expenses for reimbursements

Purchase Order

Quickly create and approve purchase orders with complete customisation including company logo and contact details

Assets and Accounting

HRM (Human Resource Management)

Appraisal Management, Automated payslips (for staff and non-staff) and leave management

HRM (Human Resource Management)

Full Employee Directory

Maintain a full repository of all employee records past and present that include ID documents, contact details, etc.

Attendance & Leave Approvals

Simple attendance register with easy and one step leave request and approvals

Automated Payslip

Automated payslips are generated for on-site and off-site employees with built-in labor ministry compliant tax calculations

Performance Review

Individual KRA and KPI definitions enable complete performance tracking to inform bonus, appraisals, and promotions.

Visual Analytics

Constantly developed visual reporting to identify trends, avoid crises, and mitigate risks

Organisation Development

Visual analytic helps you to organize your company with organization development which helps you to keep a track of your company employee strength in which it show how many employee you are managing in any given month.

Business Development

Visual Analytics help manage team performance through real-time data analysis and tracking of monthly sales and revenue goals for each individual and the teams.

Accounting & Asset Management

Manage purchase orders, log and measure all company expenses, including employee reimbursements, manage disciplined tracking (moveable and fixed assets) all in one go.

Visual Analytics

Many Other

Bank grade data encryption and dedicated product support are only two of our many other features

Many Other

Phenomenal ROI

Since the subscription charges are kept very low you will get phenomenal return on investments

Minimal Training

SmartSMBee is designed to be very user friendly. Moreover, pop-up and 'Help' menu is provided

Fully Responsive Web App

SmartSMBee is fully responsive on any device and from anywhere

Private and Secure

Banking grade 256-bit encryption protects the App and our business model doesn't include advertising or data sale.

Dedicated Product Support

One can seek support through facilities like Feature Request, Report Bugs, Review (and rating), provided under 'Settings'. We will take care of it on priority.

Coming Soon

SmartSMBee is continuously being updated to add user-requested features that

Custom Forms

Full customization for all input forms to accommodate existing company workflows and processes coming in Q1 of this year

Hardware Integration

App-wide integration of biometric sensor, GPS and RFID slated for inclusion in release in Q2 of 2018

Inventory/Warehouse Management

Complete Inventory management for purchase, stocking, and sale and distribution to be included in Q2-Q3 of 2018

Hiring tools

Dedicated talent management and hiring tools coming in Q3 of 2018

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